Robin Schneider

Managing Director of Imhotec Engineering AG

blank Real professionals. Thanks for the good advice and the friendly support. I have already increased the budget because the performance and cooperation is perfect. blank

Our references

The specialist for security technology

…such as alarm systems, video surveillance, burglar protection and safes. In these areas, Imhotec provides comprehensive services ranging from consultancy and concept to installation and maintenance.

  • In the first week already massive measurable successes:
    Bounce rate reduced by 10%, 13% more pages views per session, and 55% longer session time.
  • Extrem positive 3 Monats-Zwischenbilanz:
    After another 12 weeks the conversion rate was tripled by the PageGrid landing page solution.
  • 90% of all queries by Uniplex:
    In the before-and-after comparison, the number of inquiries was twice as many as in the comparable period.
  • Return on Marketing doubled:
    With the same budget and without additional agency costs, Uniplex has doubled the requests and thus the ROM.
  • Benefits by company identifier:
    Significant competitive advantages in acquisition, inventory management, follow-up activities and control of activities on the website.
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