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For whom do our solutions fit?

  • Are you on expansion course
  • You want to concentrate on your core business
  • You need a competent partner who organizes all your online marketing aspects in your interest
  • You are interested in results and not in technical details
  • You prefer to invest a lot and receive back even more as a result

For whom is the solution not suitable?

  • You want to do it all by yourself
  • You want to know about everything
  • You want to know all the details and to be consulted regularly
  • You just want to try something
  • I prefer to invest as little as possible, even if the result does not move much

Project studies

What is it?

By building several thousand landingpages for your business at no fixed cost sharing, we invest significant time and money in your project. Therefore we first verify every new partners to make business model and strategy will not only work in the longrung, but also is capable of generating positive output (revenue) from its input (spendings).

Paid traffic

Project study

6 month

Lets go on

Yes we are successful and generate positive revenue!

Our hapiness guarantee

Get comfortable and successful with us or simply quit contract after 6 month

Paid traffic Organic Traffic from +1000 Landingpages

Our hapiness guarantee

24 month

Why project study?

Suchmaschinen Marketing für Einsteiger/Startups

3 reasons

  • A business verification is the most important step before a young business can scale to a professional level
  • Spending money over many years without even knowing what part was completely wasted or what part of if drive any conversions as result.
  • We make sure that CHF 1 input will generate at least CHF 2 as output, so that your business get scalable

Unbeatable value for money

Ranking or performance - you decide


Primarily for start ups or companies which have not yet collected any key figures for online revenue generation. Secondly, it is suitable for companies that can not or do not want to commit themselves for 24 months, and thus for the time being deliberately forgo the PageGrid Landingpages. In the pre-study, your business is initially verified through paid AdWords visitors. Once you see the benefits and feel good, you can always go directly to the main project. So you decide on the project speed.

For companies that want to expand, grow and, above all, make money, the pre-study is not suitable, as only about 15% of the potential increase in performance of PageGrid is achieved. The preliminary study is therefore suitable for companies who still want to be cautious and still do not know how much turnover is possible with a constant monthly investment.

1. Optimization area: Firstly, PageGrid optimizes as the only complete solution in the world with thousands of search terms simultaneously in the Ultra LongTail area, if you do it manually, it would not be amortized in 100 years. With PageGrid you are going into an area that your competitors will never reach.
2. Extent: Typically, a maximum of 10 to 20 keywords can be optimized. PageGrid optimizes in the range of 10'000 to 20'000 keywords.
3. Fixed costs: Since PageGrid does not have fixed costs, you only have to expect variable costs in the case of success.
4. Success based: With PageGrid you have no risk and 100% security, because you only pay for effective success.
5. Experience: Uniplex is one of the few premium Google partners, so we make a lot more investment profitable than most standard agencies.
6. Exclusivity: As we invest in customers, we look at them very closely, as a result we only work with 5% of all inquiries.

Projects with PageGrid are the best and safest investment you can do. We take over all costs for setup, installation, analysis, software licensing, design, content creation, conversion tracking, analytics, and third-party software for ongoing optimization. Success-based means that you do not pay for services, just for effective additional success (visitors). In return, you commit yourself to a certain duration (24 months project or 6 months pre-study) and in case of success you guarantee a minimum success budget = cost roof.

The click costs correspond to 50% of the market price, which is paid for visitors in your niche. The remaining 50% is used to amortize all fixed and ongoing project costs (setup, installation, analysis, software license, conception, content creation, conversion tracking, analytics, third party software and ongoing optimization). Each project contains several hundred project steps and modules, which are defined in detail in the scope of the project. Most importantly, you are looked after by a dedicated PageGrid specialist, trained over several years, from A to Z.

Since the project success is ensured only when all elements are perfectly coordinated with one another, we take over all expenses from A to Z. For a project which seems so gigantic, you only have to schedule about 30 to 60 minutes for the business interview and about 30 to 60 minutes for the keyword and landing page acceptance. We want you to focus on your business, so we take all the steps that your competency does not require.