Turbocharged AdWords PPC Campaigns with PageGrid

What we implement

We provide a solution that will maximise your search ad spendings (AdWords) by using smart marketing automation and human perfection.

What you get

You get a Software and a Project Manager that will ensures you get the best possible results in terms of visitors, quality, conversions and revenue.

No fixed cost, just success

By replacing expensive paid with organic clicks, the saved cost will completely cover all fixed cost. Yes there are no fixed management fees at all!

How we do it

By connecting your AdWords campaigns to PageGrid System, every single search will get the right ad text and personalized target page in real time, resulting in max. users experience and max ROI for you.

Outperform your competition

Imagine campaign that outperform all your competitions in every single aspect. And all this at at no additional costs and management fees – 100% bases on a pay-for-performance.

Better User Experience

We create pages that are highly relevant, super specific and real time personalized to users’s need, resulting in a great user experience and big conversion rate uplift.

Experience pays off

We live and breathe online marketing with passion. Your biggest advantage is that we already made every possible misstake within AdWords and took our lessons learned so you can expect nothing but pure perfection.

Be 100% sure to have not only your campaigns but as well your success in the right hands.

Your Advantage:

  • Free AdWords review
  • Keywords & ads without limit
  • Dedicated project manager
  • No setup fees
  • Only pay for Performance
  • 15 years Adwords experience

Optimized. For anyone.

No matter who you are, we have a plan optimized for you.


  • All in one solution
  • Focus on your business while we deliver leads
  • Be 100% secure by only paying for success
  • No ongoing Adwords management fees


  • Streamline your campaign management
  • Outperform your competition


  • Long-term partnerships
  • Successful customers = successful agency
  • Focus on core competences
  • Help our clients with your knowledge

Three steps from the success

  • Interview

    Tell us about your market, products and offers

  • Keyword Pool

    We create a smart keyword matrix Database on your behalf

  • Landing Page

    We create the landingpage layer with personalisation logic

  • Each project begins with the knowledge of how your business works. At the same time, we are structured according to strict business-economic aspects in order to ensure that every additional visitor will fit perfectly and that everyone can find exactly what they are looking for.

  • The list of keywords, which can contain several thousand search terms, is confirmed by you. It defines where your website is found with which keywords or synonyms. Regional delimitations are also defined very finely.

  • AdWords campaigns will be built in a new account and, if desired, match the unique features of PageGrid. This will allow the AdWords account to achieve up to 150% higher performance without additional fix costs.

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