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Frequently Asked Questions

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PageGrid is a strategic decision. Therefore, you need to bring a multi-year planning, as well as already make significant ongoing online marketing investments. Technically, PageGrid is able to work hand in hand with every shop system and makes it possible, for example, to tap into the most lucrative LongTail search area with a market share of 70%.

Minimum 36 Month and minimum 3000 visitors per month.

Basically unlimited. The number of landingspages is much more dependent on the respective market environment, the LongTail potential and your business logic. Webshop installations can be optimized with 5'000 but also with 250,000 search terms. Depending on the degree of complexity, each project has specific features and special possibilities, which are discussed individually.

PageGrid installations only work in the long term. As a result, Uniplex minimizes your risk by eliminating any setup costs, ongoing operating costs, and any fixed fees.
In eCommerce, marketing is just one of many components that lead to success. 80% of these can not be influenced by us. Therefore the success per additional generated visitor is billed. This click-through price is at the same level as the market, but at the same time covers all project costs and also often leads to a significant conversion increase. In summary, you pay the same amount, but you do not have any marketing expenses and additionally significantly higher conversion rates!

Webshops are by far the most extensive projects. Normally, the project team needs four weeks lead time; for very complex and large webshops it can be several months. In any case, let us know at an early stage and also inform us if you plan an pending redesign.

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